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2019 Teams - email 3peaks@ibbi.co.uk if you have any queries - www.thethreepeaks.com

NameTimeTally No.FinishLOBcomment
Woodbridge Shufflers06:337314:17:00BT RetireesWINNERS OVERALL 2019 - Presented with the George Mackay Trophy (success after all those years trying - well done from BT 3P )
Green Lids06:427414:30:00BT Technology2nd Overall and Mixed and LOB Winners for BT Technology
Where theres a hill theres a way07:247515:27:00BT Technology3rd Overall and Veterans Winners
The Underdogs08:28614:52:00BT MSL4th
Are we there yet Carlos08:313915:36:00BT Global Services 5th
Frankie goes to Horton08:425316:02:00BT Technology6th
South Yorks108:585716:23:00Openreach Ltd7th
Legs Miserable09:126416:46:00BT Group8th
Go Nads!09:29115:49:00BT Technology9th
Fred Titmus and the quest for the Holy Grail09:315216:50:00BT Global Services 10th
3 Amigooos 09:345016:52:00BT Group11th
davids darlings09:347217:16:00Openreach Ltd11th
Getting High in Yorkshire09:34415:57:00Openreach Ltd11th ***
Team DJ-J09:415917:08:00BT Global Services 14th
I Was Told it Was Magaluf 09:451216:14:00Business and Public Sector15th
Stop Droning On!09:513116:45:00Openreach Ltd16th
Bantam Ramblers09:562516:43:00Openreach Ltd17th
Olivers Army "are on their way"10:017017:41:00BT Group18th
Hill Feet Blues10:024517:14:00Openreach Ltd19th
Wheal AFC10:034417:14:00Openreach Ltd20th
Hill Hoggers10:053317:02:00BT Technology21st
Peaky Whiners10:122717:02:00EE22nd
alleycats10:132416:59:00Openreach Ltd23rd
South Yorks210:185617:42:00BT Group24th
Connect Four10:224017:29:00BT Global Services 25th
Sweet But Psycho (aka Ben)10:277118:08:00Consumer26th
The Barlborough Bandits10:32216:52:00BT Group27th
Baby Got Track10:36917:03:00Consumer28th
More Hill Hoggers10:394617:53:00BT Technology29th
MAC-G10:451317:15:00BT MSL30th
3-legged-horse10:465518:08:00BT Technology31st
Connect 410:575118:16:00BT Global Services 32nd
Manorlands 110:59717:25:00Guest Team33rd
Manorlands 210:59817:25:00Guest Team33rd
Even More Hill Hoggers11:013718:03:00BT Technology35th
Blister Sisters feat Pete11:022617:51:00Enterprise36th
Cirque du Sore Legs11:043418:01:00BT Group37th
Jonny Walkers11:06317:27:00BT Global Services 38th
Peak.Peak.Rave.RePeak!11:092918:01:00Business and Public Sector39th
Hilly Billies11:115818:37:00BT Technology40th
Slow and Furious11:164818:31:00BT Technology41st
Peak Busters11:174718:31:00BT Technology42nd
Team Giraffe 11:186618:54:00Business and Public Sector43rd
Muddy Wheelers11:236518:58:00BT Group44th
Eleventh Hour11:306018:59:00BT Group46th
Not Fast Just Furious11:312818:22:00Consumer47th
Danny Dyers Chocolate Humonculus11:311418:02:00BT Group47th
Accelerating Ramblers11:384118:46:00BT Group49th
Willerby Wannabes11:412118:23:00BT MSL50th
Scramble Legs 11:412218:24:00BT Group50th
Connect4v211:434919:00:00BT Group52nd
I think you'll find the pub is this way11:441018:13:00Openreach Ltd53rd
Data Monkeys11:466319:19:00Openreach Ltd55th
GMB walkers11:473218:42:00BT Group56th
It11:54518:18:00BT Group57th
Peak Performance11:573819:00:00BT Technology58th
Taxi 4 411:585419:19:00BT Technology59th
Captain Ridleys Walking Party11:591818:37:00BT Global Services 60th
To Hill and Back12:092318:54:00Consumer61st
Past Our Peak WTF 12:163019:09:00BT Global Services 62nd
Under 10 hours? You must be JoQuinn.12:176819:55:00BT Technology63rd
Team RGB12:223619:21:00BT Technology64th
Digital Hill Billies12:282019:09:00Consumer65th
Team ManBearPig13:103520:08:00BT Technology66th
ER201513:291920:08:00Business and Public Sector67th
Peak-a-boo23:586700:00:00Openreach LtdRetired but Great Effort
Two Peaks No More23:58900:00:00BT GroupRetired but Great Effort
Lords of the 24723:581600:00:00BT GroupRetired but Great Effort
Error 404 Team Not Found23:581700:00:00BT TechnologyRetired but Great Effort
Hobbits of the 24723:581500:00:00BT GroupRetired but Great Effort
LadiesFirst23:586200:00:00BT RetireesRetired but Great Effort
You Ok Huns23:584200:00:00EERetired but Great Effort
Rambling Rogues23:586900:00:00BT Global Services Retired but Great Effort
There better be cheese23:584300:00:00Openreach LtdRetired but Great Effort
Peaky Finders23:59000:00:00BT TechnologyMaybe see you in 2020 !
Bradford Barrel Scrapers Old Men23:59000:00:00BT RetireesMaybe see you in 2020 !
A Peak 3 or 2 far23:59000:00:00BT TechnologyMaybe see you in 2020 !
CDH-SWINDON-223:59000:00:00BT Global Services Maybe see you in 2020 !
The Final Arrow23:59000:00:00BT Technologymerged into ER2015 !!!! (kennels fee required)
Peaked too soon23:59000:00:00BT GroupMaybe see you in 2020 !
Kings of SQL23:59000:00:00BT GroupMaybe see you in 2020 !
CDH-SWINDON-123:59000:00:00BT Global Services Maybe see you in 2020 !
Oliver Reed and the Hill Raisers23:59000:00:00Business and Public SectorMaybe see you in 2020 !
The Walking Brexiteers23:59000:00:00BT Global Services Maybe see you in 2020 !
Team CX23:59000:00:00Openreach LtdMaybe see you in 2020 !