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2020 Teams - C = Donated , P = Provisional place held - N.B Early Bird Donation 'held to' Date NOW 1st April 2020 - email 3peaks@ibbi.co.uk if you have any queries - www.thethreepeaks.com

GoNads00:00:00NO0BT Technology
Phoenix00:00:00213BT RetireesC1 lets get fit .......................
Awesome Foursome00:00:0011BT GroupC10 DONATED
Are We There Yet?00:00:00OH MY QUAD! Not fast, just furious1BT GlobalC11 DONATED
Not fast, just furious00:00:0011BT GlobalC12 DONATED
OH MY QUAD!00:00:0010BT GroupC13 DONATED
I thought we were going to Benidorm00:00:0000Openreach LtdC14 DONATED
Therebetterbeabeer00:00:0010Openreach LtdC15 DONATED
The Massive Lads00:00:00nopenopeBT GlobalC16 DONATED
Peaky Blunders 100:00:0012Openreach LtdC17 DONATED
Feet Loaf00:00:0014ConsumerC18 DONATED
The 3(+/-1) Geeks Challengers00:00:0014BT GroupC19 DONATED
DIM Sparks00:00:0000BT GroupC2 DONATED
Fire00:00:00nononeBusiness and Public SectorC20 DONATED
Buzby's Boys00:00:00x2BT GlobalC21 DONATED
Sole Sisters00:00:00None1EnterpriseC22 DONATED
Transformers; Athletes in Disguise 00:00:0022Openreach LtdC23 DONATED
Data Monkeys00:00:002Openreach LtdC24 DONATED (T3)
wazza is a ram00:00:000Openreach LtdC25 DONATED
BT in rEEtail00:00:0010BT GroupC26 DONATED
Too Hungover 00:00:00N/A2BT GroupC27 DONATED
Fit Fat Elderly00:00:00n/a2BT GroupC28 DONATED
Change, SACM and Friends - Earth00:00:000EnterpriseC29 DONATED
The Edale Crew00:00:00No2BT GlobalC3 DONATED
BT & a Kiwi00:00:0004BT GlobalC4 DONATED
IM Peaking00:00:00ConsumerC5 DONATED
IM Still Standing00:00:00ConsumerC6 DONATED
3 men and a little lady00:00:00nononeBT GlobalC7 DONATED
Fell at the last00:00:0011EnterpriseC8 DONATED
Are we there yet Carlos?00:00:00NoneNoneBT GlobalC9 DONATED
Hair Bear Bunch00:00:004BT GlobalP10 Provisional Team Held
Low Cruise Jury00:00:003BT GlobalP12 Provisional Team Held
SLT Tigers00:00:004BT GlobalP13 Provisional Team Held
One Last Time00:00:0000Openreach LtdP14 Provisional Team Held
The streamlined veeter's00:00:0000BT GlobalP17 Provisional Team Held
9tut00:00:00BT GroupP18 Provisional Team Held
Low Hanging Fruit00:00:00No4EnterpriseP19 Provisional Team Held
Peaky Fibres00:00:0010Openreach LtdP20 Provisional Team Held
Wet n Wobbly00:00:001BT GlobalP21 Provisional Team Held
3 peaks one cup00:00:001Business and Public SectorP22 Provisional Team Held (own tents only)
Baldilocks and the 3 bears00:00:0004BT GlobalP5 Provisional Team Held
Bo Selectors00:00:003BT GroupP9 Provisional Team Held
phoenix200:00:0001BT Grouptest