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phoenix100:00:0002BT GroupC1 2019 here we come
Team TC00:00:00TBCTBCBT TSOmaybe 2020
Young, Dumb, Apprentices00:00:002BT Wholesale
Fred100:00:0001BT Grouptest
MAC-G00:00:002BT MSLC5
I think you'll find the pub is this way00:00:00Openreach4 pubs !
Team RGB00:00:0004BT TSOC2 How's the wifi?
Connect 400:00:003BT GlobalC4
Peak Performance00:00:0010BT GroupC3
Two Peaks No More00:00:002BT Group
Team ManBearPig00:00:00No2BT TSOC6
Lords of the 24700:00:004BT GroupC7
LadiesFirst00:00:0000BT RetireesC13 L
There better be cheese00:00:00 Openreach
Willerby Wannabes00:00:00No1BT MSLC8
Hill Hoggers00:00:0000BT TSOC11
Even More Hill Hoggers00:00:0010BT TSO
More Hill Hoggers00:00:0010BT TechnologyLisa's team
The Underdogs00:00:0002BT MSLC23
Peaked too soon00:00:0010BT GroupC9 Team of 3
To Hill and Back00:00:002ConsumerC10
Digital Hill Billies00:00:002ConsumerC12
GMB walkers00:00:00One BT GroupC16
I Was Told it Was Magaluf 00:00:002 tents Business and Public SectorC28
Hobbits of the 24700:00:003BT GroupC OD14 team of 3
Cirque du Sore Legs00:00:0002BT GroupC17
Slow and Furious00:00:0000BT TSOC15 (3pt) NO MEALS thx
Getting High in Yorkshire00:00:00Openreach
Team CX00:00:004Openreach
whatname00:00:00No thank you2Business and Public SectorC27
CDH-SWINDON-100:00:00 We have one vegan2 tentsBT GlobalC31
Peak Busters00:00:0000BT TSOC35
It's How Far?00:00:002BT Group
Danny Dyers Chocolate Humonculus00:00:00none1BT GroupC18
Rambling Rogues00:00:00NoneNoneBT GlobalC19
Go Nads!00:00:0001BT TSOC20
Fred Titmus and the quest for the Holy Grail00:00:003BT TSOC22
Error 404 Team Not Found00:00:0000BT TSOC21
Stop Droning On!00:00:0000OpenreachC24
Accelerating Ramblers00:00:00none3BT GroupC25
Taxi 4 400:00:00n/a1BT TSO
Not Fast Just Furious00:00:0001ConsumerC26
Muddy Wheelers00:00:00No0BT GroupC29
CDH-SWINDON-200:00:001BT GlobalC30 part of CDH-1
3 Amigooos 00:00:002BT GroupC32
Peaky Whiners00:00:0002EEC34
Ben00:00:0000ConsumerC33 ICE recorded thx
Kings of SQL00:00:0003BT GroupC36
Blister Sisters feat Pete00:00:0013BT WholesaleC37
Olivers Army "are on their way"00:00:0004BT Group