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Back4more06:52 1OpenreachWINNERS OVERALL C13
Where theres a hill theres a way07:1404BT TSOSECOND OVERALL MIXED AND LOB WINNER C30
the 2018 lost causes08:1312OpenreachTHIRD OVERALL C76
Better be Kwiek08:1500BT TSOFOURTH C49
Bradford Barrel Scrapers Old Men08:27NoneNoneBT RetireesFIFTH VETERANS WINNERS C62
The Square08:5104Openreach6TH C28
Supply Chain Gang09:1800BT Group8th C66
Small Timid Plan09:3201Openreach9th C5
Go Nads!09:50 02BT TSO10th C16
Southern Walker09:53BT Group11th
PUGS - Prooved UG Squad09:5902Openreach12th C84
Olivers Army "are on their way"10:023BT TSO13th C73
Fred Titmus Still alive and Kicking10:053BT Global14th C52
Ramblers10:0900Openreach15th C32
Good Evans10:142Openreach16th C43
Allestree Urban Gorillas10:15BT TSO17th C31
The Tri-Force10:2100BT Group18th C18
/\/\/\10:2413Business and Public Sector19th C77
DRI-AFC10:34no3Openreach20th C37 tied
Can we do it...yes we can10:3400Business and Public Sector20th C75 tied
Hill Feet Blues10:3604Openreach22nd C50
18 Pints of Guiness George10:3801BT Retirees23rd C69
living the dream10:4013BT Group24th C45
We Always Win At See-Saw10:4502TSO25th C79
TAJ 110:48BT TSO26th C21
micks movers10:5100Openreach27th C19
Peaky Ramblers10:54 nonenoneBT Retirees28th C61 tied
The Shadow Wranglers10:5403BT TSO28th C40 tied
Cloud 911:014BT TSO29th C54
No Dales so Peaks11:0600Consumer30th C70
Soggy Soles11:08BT TSO32nd C48
Ladies that Lunge11:09NoneNoneBT TSO33rd C78
Wet N11:13 2BT TSO34th C47
The Mountain Goats11:20BT Global35th C77
Lobster Monster11:21 1BT TSO36th C60(2+2)
Tom's Troopers11:232BT Group37th C68
Team Western Isles11:2501Openreach38th C59
Griif and Jones small Bush11:264BT Group39th C74
Ill-Advised11:2810BT Global40th C20
Out of Scope11:33No3BT TSO41st C71
BDF32 3 PEAKS11:3403Openreach42nd C36
Sole Mates11:37NoneB&B will be bookedBT Group43rd C11
Kernow11:38NANABT Retirees44th C50
Four kings11:431 + 1 vegan2Openreach45th C51
Lady and the Tramps11:461x Gluten/Shelfish allergies1EE46th C42
We've got it totally covered!11:5000BT TSO47th C33
Ninder's Boys11:52Business and Public Sector48th C44
heads and tails11:5413Openreach49th C4
The Price is Right11:574BT Enterprise50th C7 tied
Between a walk and a hard pace11:57No0BT Global50th C53 tied
RLN11:58BT Global52nd C2 tied
Team Casedog11:58NoNoneBusiness and Public Sector52nd C3 tied
BMRT111:581 x gluten free if possible4BT Wholesale52nd C58p tied
BMRT212:0004BT Wholesale55th C56p
Floor Three Peakers12:03None2BT Global56th C14
Three Men And A Little Lady 212:06No1BT TSO57th C81
Peaky Climbers12:10No Thanks2BT TSO58th C25
To walk and talk12:1601BT Group59th C17
Keep Calm and Climb A Mountain12:2600BT Retirees60th C10
The Cobras12:272EE61st C38 (3)
Three Men And A Little Lady12:2802BT TSO62nd C27(81)
Team GP12:30NA2EE63rd C46
Chafing the Dream12:4901BT TSO64th C85
Dorys Explorers 12:5801BT Group65th C6
Shorty's Swans12:592BT Group66th C12
Eastwood13:25NA3BT TSO67th C67
Phoenix123:5902Openreachpulled up
CTIO223:5900Openreachrtd C8
Colombian Cartel SE123:591Openreachrtd C15
Peaky Finders23:59None2BT Grouppulled up
CTIO123:5900Openreachrtd C9
Suffolk Wanderers23:59BT TSOrtd C1
Fox Biscuits23:5900BT Groupnone start rtd C22
TAJ223:5900BT TSOrtd C23
scrambled legs 23:591BT TSOrtd C24
Mountain Rangers23:59na1Openreachpulled up
Beckett23:5910BT Groupstart C41 (2)
The Number Squad23:5900Consumerpulled up
Connect Four23:592BT TSOrtd C29
1 pint from disaster23:5902Openreachnone start rtd C35
HULLY GULLIES23:5903Openreachpulled up
Quinnys Heroes23:5901EErtd C39 (3+1)
BVG55423:59Openreachpulled up
The Specialists23:5900BT TSOrtd C63
Peak Designers23:5900BT Grouprtd C64
Hadrian's Walkers23:5910BT TSOrtd C65
Roxanes Red Light23:5901TSOrtd C80(3)